Terms And Conditions

Use and bidding policy:

  1. Those wishing to participate in the auctions, they must register and agree to abide by all the policies and terms and conditions and pay the insurance amount.
  2. The amount of insurance paid is refundable deducted from it the cost of the transfer process. It is returned within a maximum of of 20 working days from requesting it through the site in case the bidder has no other commitments such as the bidder did not pay the cost of a won item or he has won the highest bid.
  3. It is not possible to complete the item purchased value from the amount of insurance, but you should fully pay the item price.
  4. The user is fully responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the password and his personal data.
  5. Participants in the auction must be over 18 years old.
  6. The site has the right to close of any account and prevent any subscription or cancel the bidding of any person showing that he had submitted incorrect information, whether personal information or invalid payment method or violated the policies and terms and conditions for any other reasons without prior warning, and also without any compensation.
  7. All bidders shall preview items to be purchased and make sure that they match the item found on the site before bidding on it where it's sold in its current state and we do not guarantee it and the bidder bear the full responsibility for it and the site did not assume any responsibility for the goods sold in the case any defect or a problem on them or non compliance with specifications.
  8. The bidder can place bids on unlimited number of goods found in the auction if meet all the conditions.
  9. The site has the right to withdraw any product from auction even if it was in bidding or extend the end of the auction period for any reason it deems necessary for the administration.
  10. In the case of an error in the item, the administration will Cancel the transaction and recover the fully amount paid for the bidder.
  11. The winner of the auction is fully responsible to complete the payment process within the period specified from the date of the auction termination. In case of violation, the management has the right to expropriate the insurance and he will be blacklisted and prevented from participating in future auctions according to the period specified by the administration and to get out of the blacklist, a person is required to pay a fine that is specified by the administration according to the case.
  12. In the case that the bid was done before the time expires, the site is ready to add automatic time on the time of the bid ending in the case.
  13. In the case of technical problem or uncontrolled problem in the site, the administration has the right to close the site or extend the auction for additional period of time until repairing the technical problem and Customers will be notified so.
  14. The administration has the right to change the services’ fees provided by the site temporarily or permanently.
  15. Bidder do not has the right to undo the bid, especially after the confirmation and bears full responsibility and its consequences.
  16. In the case that anyone wins the auction, he bears all the expenses especially the item transport and transfer of the item to his ownership if it was a vehicle.
  17. Message will be sent to the e-mail or a text message according to the bidder recorded data to notify him that he wins the item and the specified period to make the payment.
  18. The bidder shall transport the goods from the display site within the period specified to him to take the wined item.
  19. Item price not include bidding fees 3 %.
  20. Decimal amounts will be rounded to the nearest three decimal places so the total amount may increase/decrease piz.

Customers‘ service:

  • In case the user has any comments, queries, problems or proposals, he can communicate with us through the page "contact us" and he will be answered as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy:

  1. Digital Leadership LLC company manages electronic bidding site and the company has the right to add to the content the terms and conditions and to delete or amend anything whenever it seems necessary to do so and without prior notice.
  2. To maintain the confidentiality and security of your information is one of our most important priorities, so all users’ information are subject to full privacy.

Disclaimer Policy:

Digital Leadership LLC company makes all of its efforts to provide accurate and correct data; also it recognizes the likelihood of human or technical errors. Accordingly, the company and its staff does not explicitly or implicitly pledge accuracy of the available information in this website and did not bear any liability or legal consequences arising from any mistakes in this site. Resorting to the site remains at your own risk and we do not be in any way responsible for any loss or damage of any kind may be incurred due to your use or your access to the website or delay in operation or access problems or slow internet connection or inability to use the services or the site objection or attack by third parties.