1. What are the steps to register on the site?

    There are just three steps away from placing your first bid. First two steps are registration process, after completing it an SMS with 4-digit verification code will be send to the mobile number you provided. Please provide the 4-digit verification code on the Verification screen that will be displayed on your first login. Third step is an online payment of refundable deposit. After completing these three steps, you will be allowed to place a bid on any ongoing auction on Mazad.

  2. Is the insurance amount is fully refundable?

    The paid insurance amount is considered as a refundable amount deducted from it the cost of the transfer process and will be returned within a maximum period of 20 working days starting from the retrieval request submitted through the website.

  3. Can we complete item purchased value from the amount of insurance?

    It is not possible to complete the item purchased value from the amount of insurance, but you should fully pay the item price.

  4. Can I bid on several items?

    Yes, The bidder can place bids on unlimited number of goods found in the auction if meet all the conditions.

  5. Does the transfer value within the value of the item?

    No, In the case that anyone wins the auction, he bears all the expenses especially the item transport and transfer of the item to his ownership if it was a vehicle.

  6. How I can know, if I am the highest bidder?

    From the home page when you login at my auction section will appear message under the item which you are the highest bidder.

  7. How I can Know, if I win in an auction?

    Message will be sent to the e-mail or a text message according to the bidder recorded data to notify him that he wins the item and the specified period to make the payment.